Newsletter January 2017

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Elizabethfields Murray Grey Stud YASS NSW

Newsletter January 2017

  • MGABA - Sandy and I were on the original organizing committee and Margaret is now the Secretary and Sandy is the Registrar.

  • This has given us new momentum for our breeding program and stud going forward. We hope to attract like minded breeders to our new Association. We have some exciting news in that regard which we can share soon

  • We will also be showing our cattle under the new Banner of MGABA at Canberra and Sydney Royals this year.

  • ELIZABETHFIELDS - We had a very successful year in our breeding program in 2016 and have some stunning cattle on the ground and growing out very well.

  • Our season has been good this year with better than average rain fall and lots of hay being cut and now in the shed.

  • We look forward to 2017 being an even better year than 2016.

  • We are also look forward to showing at Canberra and Sydney  Royal shows this year and have a pretty handy young team.

  • Sandy and I am embarking on a big European trip this year and we have  some special people looking after the farm for us whilst we are away, although I am sure Sandy will fret, so thank god she has now mastered and can operate Facebook!

  • Some of our beauties